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OMG Training

Outsourced Marketing Group strives to provide the most supportive and cooperative training environment possible for its future leaders. OMG only promotes internally for leadership roles and management positions, which gives the company a strong, cohesive, and collaborative approach to client solutions and business operations. Most companies today specializing in marketing, sales, and promotions provide zero days of actual customer training, making it necessary for employees to seek outside help for advancement of skills and making it very difficult for entry-level entrants to even get any experience to advance their careers. Outsourced Marketing Group in New York City understands this and therfore provides daily classroom and hands-on training for every single staff member at OMG.

Classroom Instruction

Every person learns in different ways. It is for that reason that Outsourced Marketing Group. takes the time to approach training from a dynamic perspective. Representatives in a sales and marketing position start with fundamentals learned at the office. Whether someone is an experienced marketer or fresh out of college, OMG starts by giving the fundaments of effective communication and product knowledge to make sure that the trainee is confident with their information on the client, the services and products, as well as the most effective structure to convey an effective sales presentation. It is important that our representatives are well versed to handle tough questions and negotiations with potential customers in the future.

For the representatives at Outsourced Marketing Group who have advanced into a coaching or leadership role within the company, OMG provides daily leadership development training and business operations training to ensure that they are constantly developing as business leaders and progressing toward a future promotion in the company. Outsourced Marketing Group in New York City takes the time to invest the time and effort into training the future leaders of the company, because it is a major goal to make sure that not only does the staff thrive and prosper while working with OMG, but that they also come away with the skills and experiences needed to catapault their careers to the next level in the future.

Field Training

Even with Outsourced Marketing Group providing excellent MBA-style classroom instruction, the company understands that in the world of face to face marketing and sales, there is no suitable replacement for on-the-job, hands-on field training. OMG's representatives practice conversations with other representatives to "get the marbles out" and role play possible scenarios every day. In addition, new representatives spend 1-2 weeks total in their first month with the company shadowing and training in the field with Outsourced Marketing Group's corporate trainers. This allows OMG's training staff to provide progressive training, to give real world experience dealing with customers and situations, and to fine-tune and adjust a new representatives presentation skills to allow them to be successful from their first day on their own.

Outsourced Marketing Group also spends the last part of each day breaking down representatives performance for the day and setting goals for the days ahead. It is this commitment to the success of OMG's future leaders that will allow the company to grow strategically in the years ahead.