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Outsourced Marketing Group is proudly offering our clients a wider array of services for their sales, marketing, and customer service needs. In additional to business to business sales programs, OMG is now assisting with small business account management, customer service programs, direct marketing programs, business to consumer programs, and even event and street marketing campaigns. If any prospective business is interested in working with Outsourced Marketing Group in New York City for any customer acquisition or retention programs, please contact us via our website contact page.

B2B Acquisition and Retention Programs

Outsourced Marketing Group specializes mainly in business to business programs for its clients. In many business to business industries, especially in dealing with small and medium sized customers, it has become increasingly difficult to reach out to those businesses given the clutter and confusion of traditional marketing efforts. Many of our current clients are also dealing with increased competition, especially in the retail energy market. OMG utilizes the lost art of personal contact and direct marketing to make sure that our clients' stand out and make a better impression than the rest. It is also through this face-to-face approach that allows us better inform prospective customers, build better relationships for the client, and give a better overall buying experience to increase the ease of customer retention.

Not only are our representatives at Outsourced Marketing Group courteous and professional, they are also well trained, well versed, and extremely knowledgable in regards to the clients and the industries they are representing. All of our representatives meet every morning for additional field training and role playing, in addition to reviewing rates and current promotions. Our speed to market in relation to campaign, pricing, or any other operational change is almost instantaneous.

B2C Programs

Over the past year, Outsourced Marketing Group has test marketed and piloted several campaigns for business to consumer driven businesses. Reaching out to everyday consumers versus commercial customers has taught us that consumers also prefer one on one communication rather than mailers, commercials, and advertisements. Our experience in these areas of B2C sales, marketing, and customer service has given us the confidence and track record to support any business to consumer program here in New York City.

Outsourced Retail Marketing

Many of today's largest consumer and commercial service companies such as wireless, television, and internet providers still accumulate a good deal of their new customers through department store and retail store sales. The days of the professional retail salesperson are long gone, and many companies are at the mercy of the part-time high school student to promote sell their products and services at the stores. Outsourced Marketing Group can supplement your company's retail program with our professionally trained staff as an in-store brand representative, allowing you to dramatically increase productivity and effectiveness. Please contact us for more information.

Event Marketing

Events are always a great way to draw business in for new products and services, or to promote exisiting ones. For some smaller companies, however, it can be rather daunting approaching an event for the first time, especially with little to no direct marketing experience. OMG is occasionally available to work special events, fundraisers, rallies, and temporary assignments for companies looking to outsource the work to the professionals.

Awareness Programs

Looking to promote a cause? Need more support for your non-profit or charity? Let Outsourced Marketing Group help! OMG has participated in several awareness campaigns utilizing the high traffic of New York City's public squares to raise awareness and to drive up charitable contributions for those campaigns.

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