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OMG Positions

An Outsourced Marketing Group Account Executive is the laison between our clients and prospective customers. They meet daily with prospective and current customers giving basic sales presentations, following up with contacts, and setting up meetings with interested prospects. Our Account Executives receive classroom and field training while working to develop their interpersonal communication skills and campaign knowledge.

Corporate trainers are promoted after displaying a good track record for a specific time period as an Account Executive with Outsourced Marketing Group. Our trainers begin to sit in on leadership meetings focused on future planning and office management, and they start learning the basics of sales and marketing training as well as team building and management. Corporate trainers are responsible for a small team of Account Executives and start participating in the Human Resource function of the business as well.

Our Senior Trainers in the office have proven their abilities to interview, train, and manage a small team and are then on their way to shortly becoming part of the Management Team at Outsourced Marketing Group. Senior Corporate Trainers begin to learn the basics of advertising, public relations, and finances as well as contribute to the Management Team meeting once a week at the office. The Senior Trainers are also given the opportunity to travel to corporate events as well as client functions.

The Assistant Managers at Outsourced Marketing Group are in training for Campaign or Branch Manager positions. Our prospective Campaign Manager is learning more about client negotiations and the back end of Campaign Management, while our Branch Manager take it a step further to learn Territory Management and Operations Management.

Our Campaign Manager is in charge of managing specific campaigns for Outsourced Marketing Group within a given market. He or she is in charge of daily communication with our corporate clients and the teams in the field, making sure all campaign information is dissemenated to representatives every day. Campaign managers are also in charge making sure that Outsourced Marketing Group is hitting and exceeding client sales and retention goals.

Our Branch Managers are responsible for running a major market for Outsourced Marketing Group. Although we have just one Branch Manager at our main office in New York, we have several Campaign Managers running several of our campaigns. A few of which will be leading further domestic expansion in 2014.