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New York, NY

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Our Culture

Most people will spend an average of 30% of their lives at work or working. Why would someone spend it in a cubicle?!?

Outsourced Marketing Group relies on its staff working in teams in order to tackle the projects and goals set by the clients as well as the day to day tasks of internal operations. They are constantly moving, calloborating with other teams, cross-training with one another, and even in tackling new markets on weekly business trips and attending client training conferences. This level of teamwork also requires on the part of the staff, a greater cohesion and understanding of one another. In order to accomplish this, OMG brings aboard the most vibrant, enthusiastic, and driven future business leaders to join the team, encourages a positive environment in and out of the office, and provides opportunities for team building social events and philanthropic work.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

~ Henry Ford